How to Unlock Huawei E173

  1. The Orange E173 Huawei Modem is the most Stubborn in terms of Updating the Dashboard
  • So let me not waste most of your time here Lets get Started 
  1. Step 1.  First Unlock your Huawei E173 Using this Tool Huawei Modem Unlocker v5.8.1
 Download it Here  Huawei-Modem-Unlockerv5.8.1 

     2.  Step 2. How to Unlock....Plug in your Modem and allow Drivers to be Installed.
After the drivers have been installed Close the Conection Suite then Open the Huawei Modem Unlocker 
to run the Unlocker you Must have installed Net Framework V.2

After your Modem is Read by the Huawei Modem Unlocker click on Calculate See the Screen Shot

After calculating Click on Unlock to Unlock the modem See Screen Shot Bellow 


After Unlocking the Modem the Next step is to Update the Dashboard Software

Step 3.
  • First we are Going to Update the Modem with the Latest Update of Mobile Partner 
  • Before running the Update make sure that the Mobile partner or Internet Everywhere is closed
  • Download Huawei E173 dashboard Update here Click to Download  
                                                                             Step 4.

  • We are now going to Update the Modem with the Original Dashboard But it is Branded Dont mind about that what we need is the modem to work so lets go ahead 
  • Before running the Update make sure that the Mobile partner or Internet Everywhere is closed
  • This is the final step After updating with this Update you are good to Go and use your Modem in any Computer
  • Click here to Download the Update Click to Download

We are now done now Uninstall the Internet Everywhere and any other Version  of Mobile partner and Run that on the modem If you are stuck you are Free to comment and i will answer you



  1. it tells me "device unavailable or the device has been disconnected" after all that yet its plugged and the network available as well. \it can't connect to other net works apart from orange

  2. After all the process above Uninstall Internet Everywhere then Use the mobile partner on the modem

  3. hi, ive downloaded this application twice but each time i do it refuses to open. it brings me an error message if there is anything you can do to help please do.

  4. @Musinguzi Brian you need to netframework 2.0 or higher installed before running it

  5. thx for the post let me try....av had issues with this modem


  7. Does this work only with Orange sticks or can I use it with other ones such as Movistr?

  8. when i download the update (the last link on your document), it brings me error in "command line" what does that mean?..any advice is appreciated

  9. It's very really amazing information.
    But Before read that post.I unlocked my Huawei Dongle with a help of for use my own sim card.

  10. It works, of the few good tutorials I 've found , greetings and thank you very much .